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UV DTF Gang Sheet

UV DTF Gang Sheet

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UVDTF is an innovative process for creating durable and vibrant stickers. Our UVDTF Transfer Sheets can be applied to a variety of solid surfaces including glass, wood, metal, hard plastic, leather, and more surfaces that are not compatible with DTF for fabrics.

In the past, UV printing required direct application to the item, limiting the types of items that could be used.

With UVDTF transfers, you can apply designs to virtually any shape and size. UVDTF transfers are also ideal for individual projects, as gang sheets can feature a variety of different images instead of just one.

Simply create your own gang sheet and upload it here.

Key Benefits:

  • Bright, vibrant colours 
  • High gloss finish
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch resistant
  • Strong adhesion due to the use of UV ink and varnish
  • Our UVDTF products come with a protective B film

Please avoid using the dishwasher and microwave, as these appliances can compromise the durability

Sending Artwork:

Use our file upload option

Email artwork to "please include Order number and name"

We Transfer

If preferred please upload your artwork by WeTransfer or e-mail direct to

Artwork requirements:

  • Please upload artwork at 100cm x 28cm
  • PNG or PDF file format
  • High Resolution (300DPI preferred)
  • Transparent background "Remove white Background"
  • Any white areas left white (HEX FFFFFF)
  • No mirror image (our software will automatically mirror image)
  • Copy owned or approved*

Simply create your own gang sheet here by uploading your own images

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Fantastic product! Thank you

Aiza Nadeem
It was fantastic

It was fantastic. Loved it!